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Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG (AT&S) is the European market leader and one of the globally leading manufacturers of high-value printed circuit boards and IC substrates. AT&S industrialises leading-edge technologies for its core business segments Mobile Devices, Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Advanced Packaging.

As an international growth enterprise, AT&S has a global presence, with production facilities in Austria (Leoben and Fehring) and plants in India (Nanjangud), China (Shanghai, Chongqing) and Korea (Ansan, near Seoul). AT&S Group has approximately 9,901 employees, of which around 1,300 are in Austria. With its extensive sales network, the company is present in Europe, Asia and North America. * Average Q1 2017/18, FTE

High-tech PCBs for high-tech applications

Printed circuit boards are the interface between electronic devices and their mechanical and electronic components (e.g. semiconductors). AT&S printed circuit boards are used in mobile devices (smartphones, smart watches, tablets, notebooks, etc.), industrial electronics (process control, sensors, etc.), automotive applications (e.g. transmission control, camera and security systems etc.) as well as medical and health technology (hearing aids, pacemakers etc.).

AT&S industrialises leading-edge technology

Leading-edge trends in the electronics industry such as an increasing networking of vehicles, machine-to-machine communication in the industrial segment or wearables like smart watches in the mobile de-vices segment require further miniaturization – this also applies to printed circuit boards. AT&S anticipates these trends and thinks ahead when developing the appropriate PCB technologies for large-scale production. Long-term strategy in a dynamic environment

  • Focus on high-end technologies and applications with above aver-age growth potential and long-term profitability
  • Focus on highest service-level and customer orientation
  • Focus on operational excellence
  • Focus on cash flow generation
Logo of AT&S

Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik
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AT&S has manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia. The Headquarter of Research & Development Department is located in Leoben Austria. AT&S has expertise in development & manufacturing of Interconnect Technologies for High Speed & Radio Frequency Application for many years.

Key Contribution

AT&S participate in WP 4 and WP 5. Reduction of Losses caused by Interconnection Technology and termination of Reliability is our main goal.