Infineon Technologies Austria AG

Headquartered in Villach, Infineon Technologies Austria AG is a Group subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG and is considered the only location of the Group outside of Germany where Infineon pools competences for research and development, production and global business responsibility. The company’s success is founded on employees from approximately 60 countries who have established Infineon as an important leading business in Austria.

Infineon Technologies Austria AG is a group subsidiary of the worldwide operating semiconductor producer Infineon Technologies AG and was founded in 1999. Energy efficiency, mobility and security are the central global challenges that Infineon addresses with its semiconductor and system solutions. The product range comprises standard components, customer-specific solutions for devices and systems, as well as specific components for digital, analogue, and mixed-signal applications. Over 60 percent of Infineon’s revenue is generated by power semiconductors, almost 20 percent by embedded control products (microcontrollers for automotive, industrial as well as security applications), and the remainder by radio-frequency components and sensors.

»Infineon Austria has been one of the most research-focused industrial companies in Austria.«

For a number of years, Infineon Austria has been one of the most research-focused industrial companies in Austria. In the fiscal year 2018, the company achieved a turnover of € 2,9 billion and about 17 percent of total sales went into research and development. Out of 4,201 employees in Austria, there are 1,813 experts working in the development centers in Villach, Graz and Linz, developing new solutions, technologies and innovations. Nearly a quarter of the R&D staff of the entire Group is employed by Infineon Austria.

The global competence center for power electronics is located in Villach where the activities focus on the development of increasingly small and energy-efficient chips to be used in automotive, manufacturing and consumer electronics. The many years of development experience in Villach made Infineon the world market leader in power semiconductors.

Logo of Infineon

Infineon Technologies Austria AG
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Besides its role as UltimateGaN project coordinator, Infineon Technologies Austria AG also contributes to the innovative and technical progress of the work packages as work package leader, task leader and partner. The company will contribute with the scientific advancements reached during other projects, especially with the gained knowledge on GaN, and will bring in proven know-how in power technologies, new substrates and large experience in R&D and pilot lines.

Key Contribution

In the UltimateGaN project and especially WP2, Infineon Austria will perform all research needed for realizing the next 600V GaN on Si power HEMT generation with a drastically improved performance to cost ratio enabling wide adoption of GaN devices in high-volume power conversion applications. The company will carry out research to develop the advanced 200mm GaN on Si epitaxy processes for the 600V power HEMTs as well as for RF-GaN devices realized in WP3. IFAT will provide epitaxy and device samples for advanced defect detection, material analysis, and reliability investigation and will carry out extensive technology life-time tests in the framework of WP5. For the envisioned WP6 applications, research demonstrators will be provided.