imec performs world-leading research in nano-electronics and create groundbreaking innovation in application domains such as healthcare, smart cities and mobility, logistics and manufacturing, and energy.

IMEC is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium and has affiliates in the Netherlands, Taiwan, USA, China, India and Japan. We have a staff of over 3500 including almost 700 industrial residents and guest researchers. In 2017, IMEC’s revenue (P&L) totalled more than half a billion euro. At IMEC scientists and engineers, collaborate with experts from top companies, research institutes and universities in semiconductor technologies, imaging, healthcare, energy, communication and the Internet of Things.

imec is world-renowned for its expertise in CMOS, imagers, flexible electronics and heterogeneous integration complimented by application-driven research programs including the Intuitive Internet of Things. IMEC has been pioneering GaN technology for more than 15 years, evolving 200mm wafers to realize GaN on Si devices at lower costs while maintaining world-class performance. Our research covers GaN epitaxy as well as device engineering and processing technology.

Logo of IMEC

Kapeldreef 75
3001 Leuven


IMEC will lead the activities on vertical device development in WP1 and coordinate work between the different partners and over the workpackages. IMEC will be the task leader of Task 2.1.3 (Benchmark low voltage 100V GaN devices) and Task 5.2.3 (interface and oxide defects in GaN).

Key Contribution

IMEC’s main contribution to the project will be in device fabrication, reliability testing, device design and simulation. Related to this there will be activities on MOCVD GaN growth to help define and realize the process splits on both vertical and lateral devices.