Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l.

Headquartered in Milano, Infineon Technologies Italia represents the Infineon Group in the country; fully integrated in Infineon global organization designs and markets a comprehensive range of semiconductors through research, development and sales support resources.

Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l. is a legally independent subsidiary, with headquarter located in Milano, 100% owned by Infineon Technologies AG in Germany ( It is one of the globally acting research & development centres of the Infineon group. Infineon Italia S.r.l. employs around 280 highly educated and skilled persons. The biggest research and development centre is located in Padova, where around 188 engineers and researchers are developing semiconductor products mainly for the automotive industry.

Since 2001 Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l. focuses its research and development activities on the following areas of competence:

  • Linear Power supply ICs for Automotive
  • High efficiency SMPS ICs
  • Drivers for conventional and LED Lighting
  • Microcontrollers for automotive
  • Design and Enabling Services.

In the last 18 years more than 190 products have been developed and qualified, mostly in the field of power management, drives and lighting and more than 200 patent proposals have been filed by the team in Padua.

Logo of Infineon

Infineon Technologies Italia Srl
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Our main task is to develop in WP6 a nano-second pulsed Laser driver, able to deliver high current pulses to a plurality of LASER die’s in an automotive LIDAR application.

Key Contribution

Our contribution to the project is to develop a GaN based nano-second pulsed laser driver, to boost the performance of LIDAR applications in terms of higher efficiency, longer range at highest eye safety.

We have already developed a good know how on the requirements of laser drivers for LIDAR applications in automotive and have already deep experience in designing DCDC converters for new and innovative Power devices.