University of Milan-Bicocca

University of Milan-Bicocca is an Italian University achieving excellent results for both educational and research activity.

The University of Milano-Bicocca has sixteen departments in the fields of ICT, Educational Sciences, Economics, Law, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Psychology and Sociology. These structures cooperate with different consortia, and with public and private third parties from outside the University. In 2015, the University of Milano – Bicocca classified 24th in the world ranking “Times Higher Education 100 under 50” that is a ranking of the top 100 universities under 50 years old, 1st in Italy. Moreover, in 2013 University of Milano-Bicocca enters for the first time in the QS World University Rankings, the yearly classification of the best universities in the world that studies the quality of the research, the occupational rate of graduates, internationalization and didactics. In the Italian system ranking, managed by ANVUR, Bicocca has obtained a good evaluation in the research sector thanks to the Italian Research Evaluation Exercise “VQR 2004 -2010”, ranking in the first positions in eight areas. The University of Milano – Bicocca has a huge experience in managing National, International and European projects. Just to exemplify, in the FP7 Bicocca won 66 projects in the four different Programs and managing 6 of them (one of these was in the ICT programme). It has experience also in other relevant European programs linked to ICT, such as ENIAC and AAL.

It is actively participating also in the new frame program Horizon 2020 and it obtained the first fundings (5 MSCA: 3 MSCA-ETN (2 coordinator) and 2 MSCA-RISE). Others are in the negotiation phase. Moreover, UniMiB fosters and develops the international dimension of studies, research and didactics through: European programs of High Training (Lifelong Learning Program - LLP, Erasmus Plus, EXTRA); International Cooperation Agreements; Internationalization of the University system (UniMiB is a member of the European University Association). UniMiB has 69 active agreements with Universities and Research Centers in all over the world (16 EU, 15 in America – incl. USA and Canada - and 38 outside EU – including China, Japan, Australia, India). The annual turnover of UNIMIB by external research activities is EUR 20,000,000 resulting from granted projects, research services provided to industries, IPR licensing. The main annual investment in research is aimed to financing 15 doctoral programs, 200 postdoctoral grants, 14,000 m² of laboratories for a total amount of EUR 10,000,000. UNIMIB supports professors, researchers, collaborators and students who start new businesses by creating academic Spin Offs and 15 spin-offs of UniMiB are now active.

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Università di Milano Bicocca
Piazza dell'Ateneo Nouvo
20126 Milano


High speed IC design for high-efficiency GaN circuits

Key Contribution

UniMiB will develop high-speed driver to fit high-speed and high-efficiency requirement in a high-voltage environment