NanoDesign, ltd.

NanoDesign ltd. is a spin-off company with focus on research and development of smart electronics and devices. We have designed and developed several special testing and characterization devices for power electronics. Our goal is to implement the latest measuring technologies and smart systems into field of power devices based on Si and GaN. With knowledge on the testing system architecture we can flexibly adapt the characterization devices and methods in relation to additional needs and requirements.

NanoDesign is a spin-off company, founded in 2007 by a group of specialists in field of precise measurement in bioelectronics. Today it is research and development company composed of 7 full-time research workers strengthened yearly by extra 3-4 master and PhD degree students.

Several research projects are being resolved yearly, mostly in field of design of precise measurement devices, measurement modules for testing and characterization. High precision bioelectronics devices and measurement test stations were developed. The measurement devices (TDR, UIS) facilitate selective research tasks in EU projects with focus on new devices and technologies (GaN, Si).

Logo of Nano

Nano Design SRO
Drotárskacesta 6385 19A
81104 Bratislava


Main contribution will be in WP1 and WP5. In WP1 STUBA will contribute to nanoscale characterization of AlGaN/GaN structures by complementary microscopic, optical and analytical methods. In WP5 will focus on study of leakage, breakdown and trapping phenomena by I-V, C-V and DLTS methods. Further STUBA as a Dissemination leader will prepare and realize a dissemination plan for effective dissemination of obtained results within the consortia, wide scientific community and public society.

Key Contribution

Nano will contribute to reliability testing in WP5. Main tasks are modification of experimental tester for hard switching and UIS testing and by utilizing these methods Nano will study impact of repetitive hard switching and UIS on performance and eventually on degradation of GaN devices.