European Impact

Several global research activities and projects make evident that the challenges of GaN-technologies have been heavily underestimated so that we are still far from the theoretical limits. The research demand to lever the full potential of the GaN-technologies and -products is tremendous. All activities in UltimateGaN are focused to enable progress beyond state-of-the-art and bring GaN technologies closer to the capabilities of its physical properties.

UltimateGaN is designed to provide solutions for some of the major societal challenges in the fields of digitalisation, energy efficiency and mobility of the future. The early availability of affordable, reliable GaN semiconductors will heavily impact:

  • Digitalisation in Europe and worldwide through opportunities created by ultra-high speed 5G communication that are directly depending on the affordable excellent performance of GaN devices to enable a broad variety of applications.
  • Efficient usage of energy by providing high performance GaN components for efficient energy usage in data centers and power converters in applications like telecommunication and photovoltaic.
  • Future mobility scenarios enabling electrification of vehicles by innovative battery charging concepts realized with GaN. Novel driving scenarios with emphasizing the steps necessary to reach the next level in autonomous driving through ultra-fast switching sensor applications (LIDAR, RADAR) with GaN based sensor systems.
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UltimateGaN will directly address two of the major drawbacks that GaN is facing today thus facilitating also a major impact on the value creation in Europe through technological (industrial) leadership:

  • Reliability (qualification methods) will be under an in-depths investigation, leading to feasible (industrialized) methods to create positive credibility of GaN device performance in the long term.
  • Showing the full potential of optimization by tailored products at best price-performance ratio, perfectly fitting to the application demands.