NaMLab gGmbH

The Nanoelectronic Materials Laboratory - NaMLab gGmbH is a research organization and associated institute of the Technical University Dresden. NaMLab provides industry oriented and basic research in material science for electron devices.

NaMLab concentrates on new and promising nano-electronic materials for tomorrow’s semiconductor and energy conversion applications. This includes the integration of these new materials into future devices with nano-scale dimensions. NaMLab has about 45 employees and an industry experienced staff. It combines basic research with methodologies that are proven in semiconductor industry.

Working out a clear view of the target application and its specification is an integral part of NaMLab´s material research. Major expertise of NaMLab is in the field of electrical characterization, devices and integration of new materials into semiconductor technology. NaMLab is known for the research of Hafnium-Oxid based ferroelectrics. Another R&D pillar is built up of GaN material and device related activities.

Logo of NamLaB

NaMLab gGmbH
Nöthnitzer Straße 64
01187 Dresden


NaMLab´s work in WP1 focuses in development and fabrication of vertical devices with thick GaN drift layers on GaN substrates.

Key Contribution

NaMLab will develop epitaxial layer stacks for vertical GaN devices on GaN substrates. Thick drift layers are used for high voltage operation and the approach of growing thick drift layers with fast growth rate Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) compared to Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) will be explored.

In device technology on 2-inch substrates vertical GaN MOSFETs with trench gate configuration will be processed and characterized for benchmarking purpose. An established processing scheme has to be adapted and refined for the new material.

Investigations and comparison of vertical devices fabricated on material with different quality will give essential information about the opportunities of vertical GaN technologies.