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Funded in 1222, University of Padova is one of the largest Universities in North-East Italy, with almost 60k students. The Department of Information Engineering has more than 110 faculties, and expertise in the areas of Electronics, Automation, Bioengineering, Telecommunications and Computer Science.

The Department has more than 110 faculty members and approximately 4.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, more than 90 Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows doing research in Information Engineering, including the areas of Electronics, System Theory and Automation, Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Measurement Techniques, Physics and Operation Research applied to Information Engineering.

More than 30 administrative and technical staff support the Department’s teaching and research activities. They are divided among administrative offices, the library, secretaries, educational laboratories services, information technology services, general services, and safety services.

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University of Padova will coordinate Workpackage 5 on reliability and defect research, and will contribute specifically to the study of physical degradation modes and mechanisms of GaN power devices. It will analyze in detail deep level effects in devices manufactured in the framework of UltimateGaN.

Key Contribution

UNIPD will contribute through defect-characterization and reliability methodologies, by carrying out short-term degradation tests and by studying trapping effects and breakdown phenomena.