Eltek A/S, Norway

Eltek is a part of the Delta group since 2015 and are supplier of 48Vdc power to Telecom and datacenter WW.

Eltek has been working with 48Vdc power supply for telecom applications for almost 40 years. In 2008 Eltek introduced the High Efficiency rectifier for telecom applications with maximal efficiency of 96.6% for a 2kW rectifier based on Silicon-based MOSFET transistors, becoming world leading and representing the state-of-art for cost-effective commercial rectifiers.

Eltek’s headquarter is located in Drammen Norway with R&D for power electronics, controller HW, SW and Power Systems and is a global leader in the telecom segment for 48Vdc power

Logo of Eltek

Eltek AS
Gråterudveien 8
3036 Drammen


Eltek is on the application side how to use GaN transistors in telecom rectifiers with very good reliability and price performance in WP 6.

The new GaN technology is promising to achieve a cost-effective efficiency improvement of high-volume power converters in the power range of 1-6kW, where telecom rectifiers belong. The conversion efficiency target for a new version of a GaN-based cost-effective telecom rectifier is set to close to 98%

Key Contribution

The objective of this task is to apply the GaN technology to exploit the properties of GaN in the next generation rectifiers for telecom and data center applications. Current rectifiers in the market are based on Si MOSFETs and the trend goes in the direction of rectifiers based on GaN having promising properties that have the potential to help improve product performance significantly and solve some of the main challenges this industry faces today.

  • Drivers for 1kW/48Vdc design will be cost reduction with switching frequency in the range of 500kHz to 1MHz.
  • Driver for the 3kW/48Vdc is highest possible efficiency, 98%+, the most cost efficient and reliable way.
  • Test and validate a volume production of converters. Relevant validations tests will be performed, analysing e.g. electromagnetic emissions and environmental stress for temperature, humidity, and power cycling.
  • Field trials of the power supply solution in real applications. A number of power conversion units will be installed in the field exposed to various environmental factors such as humidity and temperature for testing for longer-term field reliability.
  • Failure Root Cause Analyses and corrective action development. Experiences from the validation tests and field trials will be analyzed and reported for corrective actions for various parts of the GaN technology value chain.