UltimateGaN Final Meeting

The Final UltimateGaN Meeting took place in Villach, Austria on, 14-16 November 2022.

Three and a half years ago, the UltimateGaN project was started in Villach which was also the start of a long success story full of lively meetings, valuable collaborations and outstanding joint achievements. Now, after the project ended in October 2022, the consortium met again in Villach for the Final General Assembly Meeting being followed by the Final Review Meeting on 14-16 November 2022.

Day 1, the General Assembly, started with the work packages and use cases presenting their final outcomes to the consortium. The presentations were followed by extensive discussions to exchange last information and have a look at the final demonstrators.

On the 2nd and 3rd day, the consortium welcomed the project officer and two reviewers for the Final Review Meeting. The project partners presented the major project results in the form of WP-presentations and UC-demonstrations, we had demonstrators on site that triggered lots of fruitful discussions. All partners presented their exploitable results in short pitches and a cleanroom-tour was offered to the reviewers.

Three and a half years is quite a long time when the UltimateGaN team achieved great results together. With all the work we made a new GaN technology generation happen and laied the foundation stone for the next GaN challenge.

Some innovative project results can be found on the UltimateGaN website. They are summarized in the UltimateGaN project brochure as well as in the final UltimateGaN video.


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