Project Work

UltimateGaN will focus on the next generation of GaN technology particularly addressing six major objectives along and across the entire vertical value chain of power and RF electronics focusing on research and innovation in the fields of technology (including materials, equipment and device concepts), packaging, reliability and application.
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UltimateGaN is a work package based project with strong interactions along the value chain whereas the results are demonstrated in relevant applications that enable digitalisation (5G) and energy efficient power conversion (Smart Grids, Smart Mobility) to safeguard Europe’s leading position in high performance power and RF applications. This spans expertise from industry and research along the dimensions of Vertical Power GaN, Benchmark Lateral Power GaN, GaN on Silicon RF Break Through, Assembly and Packaging of high speed and high frequency GaN on Si devices, GaN Reliability and Defect Research and GaN RF and Power Applications. The UltimateGaN results are demonstrated in relevant industrial Use Cases enabled by the value chain. The project partners will together create a unique value to foster energy efficiency and digitalisation.